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Serenity in Chaos:

Embracing Focus and Productivity

By Batholomew Okeke Published 7 months ago 1 min read
fire wall-serenity within chaos

In moments of distraction, how did you respond,
While immersed in a task, misunderstood by some?
Can blame be assigned if anger took hold,
Or sadness prevailed when focus came undone?

Distractions persist, eager to disrupt,
Diminishing progress, causing dismay.
With deadlines approaching, sorrows erupt,
Left to rebuild, work fragmented and frayed.

But fear not, for within you lies the strength,
To rise above distractions, firm and bold.
Unleash your resilience, go to any length,
Let determination be your stronghold.

Reflect upon the past, discern the path,
As distractions persist, tempting your will.
Embrace the challenge, learn to adapt,
Find patience and composure to instill.

Harness the power of a tranquil mind,
Cultivate focus amidst life's commotion.
With discipline and practice, you will find,
The art of concentration and devotion.

Ease the burden of time spent at school,
Reveal your resilience, your wisdom and grace.
Avoid the fool's fate, be steadfast and cool,
Master distractions, leaving no trace.

Remember, it's a journey of self-control,
To navigate distractions, a constant test.
But with each triumph, you nourish your soul,
And emerge stronger, at your very best.

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