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By KarunPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Top Story - May 2023
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In the realm of digital tide I dwell,

Crafting a verse, where SEO does swell.

With words aligned, and tags discreet,

A poem emerges, Google's heart to beat.

Oh, search engines, algorithms divine,

Guide my lines, let them brightly shine.

Let keywords dance on the metatags' stage,

So my poetic voice may engage.

In the vast expanse of cyberspace,

This poem claims its optimized grace.

From title to URL, each component planned,

To rank high, like stars, in the SERP's grand.

Lines interwoven with meta descriptions,

Capturing minds, igniting aspirations.

Let H1 headers sing with purpose profound,

Drawing in readers, spellbound and spellbound.

With backlinks, this poem takes flight,

Nurtured by URLs, both bold and right.

In the realm of structured data, I weave,

Marking my stanzas for search engines to perceive.

Each verse, a breadcrumb for web crawlers to taste,

As they navigate my content, without haste.

Images alt-tagged, their beauty enhanced,

Drawing attention, the reader entranced.

And in the domain of mobile-responsive design,

This poem adapts, like a vine so fine.

From desktop to smartphone, it seamlessly flows,

Delighting users wherever it goes.

Yet amidst the metrics, the ranks, and the score,

The essence of poetry, I can't ignore.

For words have power, beyond the SEO game,

To touch hearts and souls, to spark a flame.

So, let this poem soar through the digital sphere,

With SEO elements, both far and near.

May it climb the search results, both high and wide,

But never forget the beauty of words inside.

In the realm of cyberspace, I'll spin a verse,

Infused with keywords, my SEO rehearsed.

With every line, search engines shall delight,

As this poem ascends to digital height.

Behold! A tale of words, crafted with care,

To catch the eye of Google's watchful stare.

Meta-tags of emotion, woven like silk,

Engaging hearts, and bending the will.

So search away, dear readers, far and wide,

Discover this poem, with SEO as our guide.

Let the words resonate, their presence profound,

A fusion of artistry and SEO spellbound

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Poetry that explores the intersection of feelings and nature is a common theme among many poets I am Karun. Started writing poems to express feelings and find feelings! They show innermost feelings can reflect in external world. AESTHELTE

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  • MARIE ODEMS 4 months ago


  • sleepy drafts4 months ago

    Wow!! This is amazing! What a thought-provoking and clever piece. Well done, and congratulations on a wonderful top story! 👏🏻❤️

  • Shivani Parekh4 months ago

    So interesting to read something so creative and engaging, written about something which is so technological and rather mundane. Well done!

  • Brenton F4 months ago

    That was really good!

  • Carol Townend4 months ago

    Great use of language, excellent description and fantastic use of vocabulary and rhyme

  • Cendrine Marrouat4 months ago

    Very unique! I really enjoyed your poem.

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