Selling Suicide

Enjoy this poem.

Selling Suicide

I only have so many middle fingers

But somehow I’m the bad guy

Well, at least I’m not sending people to die

I’m not trying to kill you to get to Heaven

I only have so many curse words

But somehow I’m a scumbag

At least I don’t tell you what to eat

I appreciate what’s on my plate

I only have so much to give

But somehow I’m not a patriot

Well, at least I’m not on TV

Selling that a bad guy is out there

I only wish to live

But somehow I have to listen

To the suicide sale

50 percent off

Sign your name and off you go

To be a hero and be in a commercial

While no one helps repair anything

Only selling death and pointing fingers

I only have so many middle fingers

And they are not for rings

They are for your smelly stinky

Lying ass face for selling suicide

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Bazooka Teaches
Bazooka Teaches
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