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Selfish for Once

by Tamama Khan 13 days ago in surreal poetry

Extreme love

Selfish for Once
Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash

I wanna be selfish for once,

And ask for love,

Plead for care,

And beg not be left behind.

I wanna be selfish for once,

And ask you,

Not to stop loving me,

For once, don't use me,

And just look through me,

Tend to my bruises,

And kiss my scars.

For once don't make me cry,

And pat my eyes dry,

Don't push me away, for once

And hug me instead.

Let me be selfish this once,

And ask for your love,

Let me feel wanted,

Without being used.

I know, I don't deserve it,

But please just hug me,

Till all my tears dry,

And my aching heart stops,

For once I wanna be selfish,

And be on recieving end willingly,

But not for hatred,

I am desperate for love,

A little bit of affection and care.

Don't use me anymore,

Don't ask for anything,

Just embrace me for once,

Without expecting anything in return,

I promise to be better,

But for once,

I just wanna be selfish,

And ask for your love.


surreal poetry

Tamama Khan

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Tamama Khan
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