Seeing Shadows

by Dean Moyer 2 years ago in sad poetry

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Seeing Shadows

Warped tables

Teleporting fists

Words heard but never


Fairy lights

Changing faces

Shadows like black holes

I've confused you I can tell

To me these are my

Life my mind my dis-ease

Nothing is as it seems

Everything feels real

Yet I must determine truth

In a reality that has betrayed


I'm expected to choose

what is real to get better

They say that wall opening up

Is made up isn't there

How can I be sure when

I see it hear it know it and

Just a bit closer I'd feel it

Am I loosing my mind

Am I seeing between worlds

Am I watching things come to an end

Am I loosing my mind

I hate my options

I want some peace

Visions and voices leave me be

I'm not crazy


I might be

But the shadow is back

I should stop ranting

Because oh

Can't you see it?

Who's loosing their mind?

The one who to you

Is seeing things

Or the one who to me

Is blind

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Dean Moyer

Hello all! I am a 20-year-old college student and writer. I live in Oregon and so far have only posted Poetry here, though I do write fiction stories of varying lengths. Hope you enjoy what you read, and thanks for the support. 

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