See The Light

Inspired By Sky Davis. Written By Natalie Marie Stefani Rice.

See The Light

See the light...

Even though it burns your eyes.

Even if, for days to come, there is a shadow in your vision.

Through the darkness, you are able to see the light.

For your struggles are made to serve your plight.

Designed around the destination.

And this, in turn, completes you.

You are more the man because of your struggles and your willingness to try.

And in spite of your injuries, you will not be kept down.

Your light shines through even at your darkest and weakest times.

Adding character, creating brawn, instilling Discipline that must be passed forward.

Learned lessons are your greatest attributes.

They give you history and are the foundations that Legends are built upon.

And still, in spite of the shadows that try to clog your vision, you emerge stronger and still humble enough to represent your colors.

Humble enough to represent.

As you take pause, you recognize the fool who seems to be following.

The man you once were.

He who blocks clarity, definition, Growth.

The one who stumbles.

He seems to be tucked deep into the shadows, wanting to learn.

Needing your wisdom, your Guidance.

You are the stronger man; passing along the Torch of Knowledge.

Status, that as a player, you have earned.

This you recognize with pride.

Now, you are the leader—shining light into the eyes of the ignorants.

Their wisdom becomes your just rewards.

They have become your fools.

And, now in the eyes of the Beholder, you can rest upon your laurels.

For now you are home.

It is your Kingdom now they roam.

Written By Natalie Marie Stefani Rice

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Natalie Marie Stefani-Rice
Natalie Marie Stefani-Rice
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