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I've told you, all...especially "you", that you've hurt me.

Taken my open wounds, and filled it with ash and salt and desert me.

I've told you how I'm feeling.

I mean, "the writing is on the wall"...

"literally," published it on Vocal Media, for fuck sakes,

And you did nothing, at all.

Merely, stole my soul, took my body, my time, and took me to hell.

Me, who has not died,

but somehow was buried as well.

Priest and Prayers... over my coffin,

No roses, or pedals, false words, spread over idol words,

and feelings... said to the widowed and the spouseless... dead.

Better you'd put a bullet in the barrel and a gun to my head... scoffing.

Silly of me to think that I would marry you someday,

share a life, of love, laughter, emotional encouragement, sensuality, family, vacations, memories... uplifting one another along the way.

Working as a motherf*cking team.

Now we're f*cking strangers, see what I mean?

Heart bruised and broken in battle, without a fucking genuine sentiment to share, just fucking jokes... not a real word to say.

Comedic bullshit will get you nowhere sweetie when you're standing on your last broken leg... better take this shit seriously, today.

Pay attention as I told you in the last few poems to every word, I've written to everything I have and haven't said.

"Have I murdered our love"?

Yes, can't you see that? No action, no love, no affection, no nurturing.

Yea, you've officially killed it, dead!

F*ck... you think you're fault-less but you're all about yourself.

"Your" life...

"your family..."

"your kid..."

"your house..."

"your wealth..."

Pay no real attention to things that also have value,

like your, spirit, your partner, the love of your life, your people (in need) life... and health. See that too?

Yea, that b*tch waiting by the phone, for no text or call...

wondering if you got yourself, in some s***,

been killed in an accident, waiting, crying for days, wondering if you've been harmed, or if something fucked up has happened to you, at all.

Living how you been... burning the candle at both ends, thinking that's how everybody wins.

Bruh, that's not how you 'make it'.

Slavery and submission is not the answer,

love, intellect, and enlightenment is.

Pay attention to the details.

Before this train derails...

like the one who loves you...

(and stays up all night)

and despite your bullshit

still treats "you" right.

The one who knows how to ride or die and reckons and realizes what the real fight is...

or spend time, apart... indefinitely.

So you can finally understand 'what it is'... ♡©️ Inure Musexo

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