Only the Classics
Only the Classics


Sickness and Sin


Brought forward, the fruitful seduction leans itself onto me

Beauty and bounty shown without worry

She gives herself over to me

Continued convincing

Her ways always covered

Presented softly yet sweet

She gives herself over to me

Ever Dancing With bitter strides

The residues of all her tides

Shifting sways that twist goodness round

And frightfully certain, I too will be bound

The commotion seems to be good

Yet all of this chaos so misunderstood

So just for a moment I drink up her breath

And feel the cool chill, a coming of death

Lost and unsure as my morals release

I see all the logic and reason do cease

Forgotten my master and slipped to sin

I sip in the sorrow presented to grin

Now the dance moves faster and faster

Slowly losing my grip of the grand alabaster

My idol does perish and my love moves away

As I, more and more, drink up the sway

Chaos and chaos do brew In quick wit

The Devils and demons suck at my pit

They drown In the joy of a heart turning black

They rack up the good while burning the back

To silence! To silence! Keep giving him more!

Keep his mouth shut lest he come to explore!

Soak him in darkness and kill all his good

Explode all the treasures he once understood

And I, unaware, gulp down the more sweet

As seduction, my mistress, still bows at my feet

I see her as mine, I control her in step!

Yet at every moment, she holds on my breath

So a feeling of freedom does surely reside

While sickness and sin do truly abide

where once there was love, my only whole guide

Now sickness and sin do truly abide

But in my heart it all seems okay

As I drink and drink the immortal decay

A sense and a certainty builds within me

While she gives herself ever so free

While she strangles my reality

While she wounds all of me

While i let her swallow me

surreal poetry
Nicholas Goodman
Nicholas Goodman
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