School Daze

by Antony King 10 months ago in surreal poetry

Memoirs of an Eccentric Man

School Daze

The circus must be in town

All the ruckus going on…

I go to my front window


It is the neighborhood hoodlums.

They must be out of school.

I guess that big yellow thing should have tipped me off.

Running up and down the street

Like a herd of jackals.

Runny noses

Coats hanging off their heads

Screaming… good god!

Some people never learn.

Not all should procreate.

I shake my head.

I need booze.

Where in the hell are the parents?

Well, I guess we were that way once…

Mean as hell and full of life.

Where is that booze?

Antony King 2018

surreal poetry
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Antony King

Antony King, a published poet from Eastern Kentucky. His work can be found in SpillWords, Rye Whiskey Review, and piker press to name a few. His books are available at B& and

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