Save Us

Hanging by a Thread

Save Us

A tear of frustration wedge in my heart

This will be the very thing to tears us apart

It was before God that we became one

As time went on the division begun

Bearing the troubles of the world on her shoulders

Each of them as heavy as a six ton boulder

All responsibilities fall in one direction instead of two

If one does it all tell me why do I need you

You have to get it together before it is too late

Because this time what we have will meet a terrible fate

I keep giving this another try

But it never fails, I always end up ready to cry

From one lover to the next

It will hurt me but I have no problem making you an X

There is only but so much one person can take

Lessons should be learned to keep from making the same mistake

Now I have given you warning after warning, and chance after chance.

If you don't get it this time this will be our last time around this track, and on to the forbidden dance

This dance has seven steps THAT most don't want to take

This is the decision I am being forced to make

I love you too much so don't make me spell it out

Please, stop the bull you are too big and hairy to stand there and pout

I am gonna close on a positive note by reminding you why I said I do

I was beyond your looks and your smile; I fell head over hills for the inner you

How does it work?
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