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if love true

By Moharif YuliantoPublished about a month ago 2 min read
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The piano stood silent, a dust-laden tomb,

Its ivory teeth yearning for a whispered tune.

Once, it sang stories, vibrant and bold,

But now, cobwebs draped its secrets untold.

A melody lingered, a fragment so faint,

A ghost of a waltz, a whisper of a plaint.

Forgotten by fingers, its rhythm unheard,

A yearning for music, a silent, unheard word.

Years had passed by, seasons turned their tide,

The laughter that echoed in the room had died.

The owner, a woman with eyes filled with light,

Now slept in the earth, beneath the moonlit night.

Her granddaughter, Sarah, with hair like spun gold,

Stood hesitantly, a story yet untold.

She'd heard tales of music that filled the whole house,

But the piano remained, a monument to vows.

Hesitantly, Sarah brushed off the dust,

A shiver ran through her, as if filled with trust.

Her fingers touched the keys, a tentative embrace,

Awaiting a memory, a familiar space.

Filling: The Awakening Notes

A single note trembled, then another took flight,

A hesitant melody, bathed in morning's soft light.

The music was fragile, a whisper at first,

But with each passing moment, the melody burst.

Sarah closed her eyes, letting the music flow,

Unleashing emotions, a bittersweet glow.

The notes resonated, deep within her soul,

A connection awakened, making her feel whole.

Memories surfaced, like flowers in bloom,

Of her grandmother's laughter, dispelling the gloom.

The stories she'd told, the songs they had sung,

A love for music, a bond forever young.

The melody soared, a crescendo so bright,

Filling the room with a shimmering light.

The forgotten waltz rose from its slumber,

A vibrant dance, a tale to remember.

Sarah poured her heart into each gentle key,

The piano sang with a joyful decree.

The dust particles danced, bathed in golden rays,

As the melody echoed through the passing days.

Bread 2: A Legacy Reborn

The piano, once silent, now sang with such grace,

A symphony woven, a smile on Sarah's face.

The forgotten music, a bridge to the past,

A legacy rekindled, forever to last.

News travelled quickly, of the melody's return,

Neighbours gathered, their faces alight with concern.

They remembered the music, the laughter, the light,

And tears welled in their eyes at the beautiful sight.

Sarah, once shy, now played with a passion so bold,

Sharing the music, a story untold.

The piano room echoed with laughter and song,

A community gathered, where they all belonged.

Children, curious, were drawn to the sound,

Their fingers exploring, a new world unbound.

Sarah, their teacher, with patience and care,

Passed on the legacy, a melody to share.

The piano, once a symbol of sorrow and loss,

Became a beacon of joy, defying all cost.

Music, a language that transcends time and space,

United hearts, with its healing embrace.

The forgotten melody, a whisper reborn,

Lived on in Sarah's heart, a future yet to be sworn.

The piano stood proud, a testament to love,

A melody echoing, a gift from above.


About the Creator

Moharif Yulianto

a freelance writer and thesis preparation in his country, youtube content creator, facebook

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    Moharif YuliantoWritten by Moharif Yulianto

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