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salsa in a redux

by jake c 4 months ago in art
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salsa in a redux
Photo by Gabriel Rissi on Unsplash

Flashing, it stares so blank and chatter flies brisk, disjointed.

Her cries mimic laughter,

(put there) to mock your smiles (and its) grotesque spine.

Ehcos fading reverberating, but gone away running.

The chills beg calm for its own sake

Shaking, calamity only grows

Inhibitions crawl across the floor

From the door

Shadow stops still

A breath caught to stand still

Until heels tap tired again

They can hold you up

we don't know when

But the drinks, full, begin to spill

Hands shake at his frozen waist

Calls leap toward disgrace,

But only one thing could be pulled

An empty bittersweet taste


Dancing the salsa

Spitting words on fire

She shouts to the doctor

“I’m dying to expire”

The cackling merchant maid

Forces out your toll

While the morning bell(s) beg you

To pacify your soul

The jokester in you

Is trying (so hard) to unwind

But is stuck on cruising

The hallways of your mind


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jake c

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