by Violet P. Davies 10 months ago in sad poetry

I'm sorry.


You give so easily

And I don't like to ask for things

So leave it to me to breathe in deep

And ask for something you can't give me

My outsides are cold

And my insides are warm

But whenever I try to let my insides out

My outsides end up closing in

I don't want to live that way

It's a hard and barren kind of safe

You live in the world of open

Can I come in?

My heart is warm and soft, like a newborn puppy

It's blind and helpless, it flops around

Looking for something safe to burrow into

Deep and strong and nurturing, safe to burrow into

I know these cat-lined eyes and sharpened hands

Look like they have something else in mind

But all I want is something safe to burrow into

Can I hide my tear-stained face and burrow into you?

sad poetry
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