Sad Sixteen

by Cain Cult 2 years ago in sad poetry

You're only sixteen years old, but your veins are so full of junk they are cold!

Sad Sixteen

You wake up at noon everyday, Then you drink the night away. You're only 16 years old, But your veins are so full of junk they are cold.

The police are always following you, And your parents are on your back too. You think drinking will solve it all, But all it does is make it seem small. Once you are sober your troubles are back, Bigger than before like you sat on a tack.

When you turn 16 you're said to be sweet, But when you turned 16 you were NOT someone to meet. Dreaming of having the perfect life, Wanting to be as sharp as a knife, But that dream is destroyed every time you take a drink, And soon it is over before you even have time to blink.

The drinking needs to stop, So instead of a beer sit down with an ice cold pop. Live your life without any booze, And try walking in your own pair of shoes.

Don't be old when you are still young, Because giving up your life is like giving up a lung. You're old enough to drive, So put down that beer and be happy you're still alive.

STOP drinking now, And ring out that towel. Never pick up any liquor again, For you don't want to end up where you've already been!

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Cain Cult
Cain Cult
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