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When You Say Jump

By Sound And The MessengerPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Punching Line

Running has a lot of feeling close to the elation of speed

Speed is the call of what you'd like

Yet what you're like is none of these

You like the slow meandering tumble of the babbling brook

The unaltered procession of the process before the procession

The sun rising before it sets

The moon growing full before it grows empty

You wonder about emptiness

Perhaps dread it in fact

Of it coming in, and yet the moon changes its tide once again

The milk slowly pours into the bowl once more

Days begin in probability and end with attachment

Emotions continue to change like the ocean tides

The best way to hold on may be to let go

And yet there's tunnels in your tunnel vision

Exploring is fun! You're philosophical!

Where you wind up when you're wound down is always new

You're confidence never wavers

It keeps you coming back again. Your discipline is honorable.

You were honorable before this started

You know that

Everyone knows that!

It's not about knowing, but more about running

Running with it.


About the Creator

Sound And The Messenger

Hello and welcome. Creativity shows itself in a myriad of different ways for me. I intend to get out of my comfort zone on this page, be vulnerable and create. Follow me @soundandthemessenger

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