by Amber Crocker 11 months ago in sad poetry

A Poem


do you understand?

everything -

everything here is falling


it doesn't matter

to you.

everything is all about

you and everyone else

gets left behind.

how is that fair?

you know its not fair

and you don't even care.

I don't even think

you realize what's going on,

being permanently ignorant

to what's supposed to be


I don't think you

understand life is full

of mystery. life is

full of misery. it will

encompass my entire being

this life was never

meant for me, it isn't

hard to see.

if I can redo

every bad choice and decision

that has resulted in my downfall

I would. I'd change

everything. here you are

trying to convince me

otherwise and I know

it may be true, but

this is the path I've

decided to take my dear.

sad poetry
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