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by Facundo Raganato 7 months ago in art
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Poetry inspired by Art

“Roots” by Alejandra Jungla

Poetry & Art: Poetry inspired by Artworks

"Roots " by Alejandra Jungla

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ale.jungla



Walk within,

On the glittering translucent glass

For the air and light shine

As all is left behind.

Do you remember all you have healed?

Do you remember all you have been?

Walk within,

To reunite with your roots,

To remember what you are made of;

Nothing will stop you now

As you walk through

Into your heart

Seeing the glittering and the shine

Of your present now.

Let go of your past

As you listen to your heart

All is healed

As you walk through

On the glittering translucent glass.


- Facundo Raganato

Literature & Poetry - Poetry & Art

"Roots" by Alejandra Jungla



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Facundo Raganato

Author, Composer, Artist, Alchemist, Designer,



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