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Riveted Dreams

by devil racer 4 years ago in sad poetry
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Poems of a Deviled Mind

Riveted dreams

With vicious screams

Of Angered pain.

Slicing the truth

With a dull blade,

The Life of shame

Is a dirty game.

Revolting songs

Remind me that

I don't belong.

To feel the touch

Rushing through,

My veins collide.

I sing the verse

Of bloody cries,

My Soul Dives,

My Soul Dies

A death so perverse

The devil's angels

Bow their head and sigh...

In the darkness of shroud

I bleed aloud

Escaping the taste

To elude the race.

While I hold on to this ride,

My thoughts refuse to subside

Spinning around and around

I’m waiting to die.

sad poetry

About the author

devil racer

Writing poetry for 20 + yrs. My work is very dark, I have my own views and express them insanely deep with my poetry.

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