River of Dead

by devil racer about a year ago in sad poetry

Poems of a Deviled Mind...

River of Dead


are the sounds,

from the drops of blood

that drip from my heart.


Is the pain

that invokes every part.

My tears are to put out

the burning feeling,

but I cry no tears

I've cried many years

this pain I have to adhere

as I just let it burn.

The ashes remain

as a war of stain

In this world I still remain

Standing Alone...

Let it rain

so I can feel

the drops of water

and make believe It's love,

The kind from above.

What does love feel like?

I wish I knew.

A feeling I long to know.

The one no one showed,

I will not,

I will never

All has been said,

There's no love to give.

Look for me

Floating down the river...

The River Of Dead.

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Writing poetry for 20 + yrs. My work is very dark, I have my own views and express them insanely deep with my poetry.

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