RIP Sadie May

The Loss of a Four-Legged Child

RIP Sadie May

I'll miss you, old girl.

You were a child of mine, and now, you've passed on.

I'll never forget your cold, wet nose rooting through my hair when I was beyond consolation.

I will miss your paws and nails tapping quickly against the floor, towards the front door, upon my arrival.

I will miss your soft ears in my hands when I needed comfort.

You were my anchor through multiple hospitalizations, violent breakups, and every sunny day.

I wish you could see how happy he makes me and I'm sorry we had to let you go.

You were mine and I feel the burden of grief as I make peace with the memory of you.

I love you, Sadie, but you are gone.

Sleep well, old girl; Rest in peace, Sadie May, I know you'll be waiting for me come my expiration.

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