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Ride of Your Life

Do the Doo

By Willem IndigoPublished 10 months ago 1 min read
Ride of Your Life
Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash

Welcome, welcome; before we are unkind,

Earth, a dirt rock, half-cocked dancers on the verge.

Eight great wonders, lackluster world leaders,

'That smell, you ask?' The eye-watering out doors,

but nothing can prepare you--only ensnare you,

with the godly gift: the Sea-Doo.

Are you ready for the Sea-Doo?

Congrats on your most enlightening find.

Hold your Tang and ego loosely if you

have such a thing, and fight that boat-wake-clash urge.

Kind of like your intergalactic ship with no doors.

Aren't you ready to become a believer?

We'll start slow; it's a two-seater,

you know. Behold the versatility of the Sea-Doo.

Take a chance, I do implore,

Earth's crescendo appreciation as you're epically wined and dined.

'That feeling you're confused by?' That's the surge

of power vibrating through you.

There is no need to test you;

those revs out there are our NATO leaders.

If you have adrenaline, enjoy its purge

splashing humans with your Sea-Doo.

There's nothing here worth being mined

except for the Gnarly Air to soar.

Connoisseurs of rudimentary pleasures galore

'How much do we amaze you?'

'Are you capable of having a blown mind?'

We saw that corkscrew; you're intrigued by us creatures.

Sign this Peace Treaty and take a few Sea-Doos,

Communications can merge.

At these coordinates, we must converge

10:00 AM, they open their doors

for us to splash nearly as unhindered as the Sea-Doo.

Dare Devil Drop, 'No, please, after you.'

Wet & Wild for 665 meters.

'It's flash photography for our unity to be enshrined.'

May your review of us in the cosmos be kind; may our expansion sit on the verge.

Give your leaders what we offer at their doors.

We'll miss you like you know you'll miss our Sea-Doos.


About the Creator

Willem Indigo

I spend substantial efforts diving into the unexplainable, the strange, and the bewilderingly blasphamous from a wry me, but it's a cold chaotic universe behind these eyes and at times, far beyond. I am Willem Indigo: where you wanna go?

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Comments (1)

  • Alex H Mittelman 10 months ago

    Fantastic poem! Good job!

Willem IndigoWritten by Willem Indigo

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