Respect Deserved

Anxiety's Social Standing

Respect Deserved

On Wednesday I was shouted at

By a man who claimed to be

The nicest and kindest man I knew.

He said his age was the reason I should respect him

I hadn’t had as much life experience

And he would not be spoke to by someone of my age.

I never raised my voice at him.

I began to have a panic attack

Because this man continued shouting

Questioning why I was here

If I was ill sometimes.

He told me “not to cry”

While I felt my throat close

And head prepare to explode.

I was shouted at for having a panic attack

But was having a panic attack because I was being shouted at.

After many insults on my generation

And digs at my gender

I have bitten my tongue

Till it’s nearly dropped off.

I don’t want to be silenced anymore

social commentary
Peggy Butler
Peggy Butler
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Peggy Butler

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