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Resonant Fury

by Conlan Nielsen 3 months ago in surreal poetry
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By Conlan Nielsen

I was caressed by the void

And in my grasp I was taught the art of clutching absence

I can feel that void

And in that leeching darkness I was taught

That no haven shall console me

Now I see the void

And through my view I observe to crave no triumph

Because each day I walk the void

And through the trudge I see that desire is agony

And that weak shores must become dominion

Each day a duty is laid before me

I must live up with a shape: devotion

Bearing the void i’ve studied

Emotions are their own shape: shattered

Only my own willpower outlasts

Yearning for nurture I do so

Through order

Through honesty

Through the thousands

Through secrets

Through the long treaded path

I starve

Seeking weary rest

I do achieve temporary bliss

Transforming to dishonor in myself

I sulk in saccharine sorrow

Before looking to the fleeting light

I forget my drowning

Sallow my sorrow

And rise from the deep

When I stand

Im alone

But in serenity

Im driven by a resonant fury

surreal poetry

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Conlan Nielsen

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