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Resolution, Revolutionary

by Aulani Nahina 4 months ago in slam poetry
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Sleep Resolute

son & moon

Sleep resolute:

How could I get more rest?

Many contest to sleep-

Relaxation and rest; sleep contested me-

Created R&R so I matched the sheets-

Bless my heart,

it makes a difference…

Prioritizing beauty sleep in delicate intermissions-

Balanced inner decisions

Cozy good intentions;

Progressed to sleep in elite repeated sessions.-

Dream vacation was the peace that surpassed-

Forgiveness from Holy Spirit I withered within my fast-

Withering in the past every time it’s brought up,

Dream another vacation cuz the first wasn’t enough.-

Comfort lies in my job when the rent is covered;

As I lay my head down on the corner of pillow covers-

zzz’s catalyst,

night & day dreams-

equipped analyst; lavender bottle of pillow mist imported from Beijing-

Mattress Queen-

flowing amongst blessings thanks and praise to the King-

no sleep is safe without a prayer beforehand,

protection over dominion, protection over the land.-

Vow: I will not rest until I rest well!-

chambered in hyperspace, the stress of my flesh fell-

hyperactive energy solvent-

melting at angst degrees-

promised to not promise to not promise to fall

asleep in Babylonian province,

its 500 BC-

Memory or a glimpse of what my dreams mean to me? As I vow to get closer with the sheets where i sleep-

Bigger than me,

Covering me,

Sleep restitution,

This is to heal the spirit

Revived in revolution,

Rest to the high cleric!-

defeat and evolution,

desolate restitution,

patronage contribution;

beginning of retribution,

In the bed that I made,

In the bed that I laid,

In the bed that I lay,

In the field that I pray… in my dreams I escape.

sleep sweet like eclair as resolutions declare-

trick my mind on a dare; I double dare u to care-

Take a nap. Care to take a nap?

More to life than to pass it by,

Less to life without getting shut eye-

the curtain blinds horizontal,

light came through by sunrise-

horizontal lines on the horizon of my encapsulated lobe frontal-

Breath taken-

hope how I feel for you is not forsaken.-

sometimes relaxation is hard to find,

different destinations opposing heart and mind-

creative with our space; space where we are spaced apart-

You can level out predominantly as we mellow out the heart-

Open lenses that don’t break

White fences with no snakes;

big smiles that aren’t fake;

can’t nap if you’re never awake…

work hard for my rant,

another indoor plant-

for the rhythm of my secret soul army of ants-

more oxygen in the home,

top or bottom bunk,

I am wearing the pants,

The universe gives me spunk-

Not too out of the box, a box spring-

resolving the challenge to sleep of all things-

resolving the challenge to sleep within promotion,

healthier brain waves in the mind space of my ocean.

sea foam, sea foam mattress,

elated or inflated as long as it all detaches-

In 2022 “no sleep” is overstated; “no sleep zone” seems outdated.

Adventure, until it’s time to stop;

To think what’s next and how to stay on top.-

comforters unfold as I dwell in my shell;

clamped calm and lull,

lullabies in my skull-

music box melodies and secret compartments-

singing you songs although it’s not my department-

oversleeping is comical when rest feels this phenomenal-

What busy lives we live-

Resolution to sleep clearly is the best gift we can give.

slam poetry

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Aulani Nahina


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