Repetitive Notions

by Ecarg Nosive 2 years ago in sad poetry

Need More Motion

Repetitive Notions

I don't like repetitive notions

waves crash again and again against the sand in the oceans

I don't want my emotions

To mimic the same experiences

I've already had

I don't want to be stuck in one place

Trying to make the same people glad

I do enjoy companionship but if my friends were all I had

Why would I keep going

There's so many new memories to have

New people

New adventures

New stories to hear

I don't want my friends to think I don't love them

But I can't keep doing the same thing year after year

That's why I left my hometown

There was no room to grow

I wonder how the the queen feels with her crown on

Knowing she already sits on the throne

If there's nothing to look forward to

To life

What else do you owe?

Maybe it's just me

But I don't fucking know

I've been trying to figure that out

It's hard to do on your own

Maybe I'll find it in a person

Maybe I'll find it in her moans

All I know for sure

Is there's more to life

Than repeating episodes

So get up

Try something new

And just fucking go

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