Stay Humble


Stop walking like you learned to float.

You followed a different sheep who followed another onto his boat.

Pretending humility can gloat as it slits its sisters throat;

Still think of fairytales may the devil never cross your moat.

My innocence, I plead the fifth someone should have told me.

I won't repent on a crime that was the symptom of your emotional instability.

I've built up walls around these castles;

I've buried dead horses to avoid hassle.

You cannot lock me up and throw the key away.

You cannot run away from the things I've seen I need to say.

You are not above me nor below.

I am a fool to think you know what I know.

I am damned if I don't keep my head high, no eyes upon the floor.

And you should count your blessings the day you think you know more.

Might be taken away from you, you'll blink and there will be no more.

slam poetry
Kristal Schlichting
Kristal Schlichting
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Kristal Schlichting

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