For my Grandpa



Don’t be sad I’m not far away

I’m watching you grow every single day

I know it hurts and you miss me so

But I love you more than you could ever know

Remember me laughing and the long Steider goodbyes

Remember my hugs and the warmth they held inside

Remember I’m Papa Fred and that’s not even my name

Remember how I loved, I loved everyone the same

Remember my hands so strong and bold

Yet so gentle and comforting and special to hold

Remember I’m not suffering anymore

Remember I’m not in pain and horribly sore

Remember I’m free now so don’t worry about me

Remember how I loved you more than life could be

surreal poetry
Halie Steider
Halie Steider
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Halie Steider

I'm human. I'm a mom and wife. My stories have molded me into who I am today. Writing gives me my outlet I can't express verbally.

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