Refuted Reasoning

by Miss Riddle 2 years ago in slam poetry

"I once was called one of God's favourite children..."

Refuted Reasoning

I once was called one of God's favourite children

Lighting up an influence of energy within my cut and bruised skin

Looking within bringing the reign and fight back to the surface of the battle grounds that once we're tall buildings; filled with dreams and future lives, just waiting to be lived.

Constructing the barrage of inflated egos, destroying the contraption of compliance.

Confined to the moral high ground of dark vs light, day vs night, black and white, wrong or right

We've all clung to these constructs as a security blanket that sweeps over us, as the closest comfort we could contract.

I've held gods hands and kissed the devils lips as I sorted through this wall we've built of Grey that only exists in our minds

The only thing this dance with duality has taught this defiant and curious soul

Is that God has the softest skin, and Lucifer is one hell of a kisser.

slam poetry
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