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Red Thunder

by Cullen Hoggan 3 months ago in art
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A superhero given through poetry

Red Thunder
Photo by Derek Thomson on Unsplash

Let me tell you the story of a man, A man that did all that he can.

Every little thing in his short life span, To the spark of humanity fan.

He was cursed with power, This sickness turned his mood sour.

But as he saw his strength flower, He wanted to become the peoples pillar, their tower.

He donned his duty like armor, He roamed as servant to the land.

He served all men wether they be king or farmer, Against all evil he took a righteous stand.

So to any and all who follow a wicked creed, This choice will be your biggest blunder.

You cannot hide your sinister deed, No matter what rock you hide under.

For his heart pumps lighting,

And beats with red thunder.


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Cullen Hoggan

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