Red Angels

By: Amargeaux Rai

Red Angels

Everyone has their demons...

Angels of guidance leading the way

All the while dragging me through hell

By way of my own stubbornness and conviction.

But the more I look for heaven

The more I find hell on me.

I don't get it.

Does this light have to be so bright?

I'm already flawed enough

Without you showing me

How flawed I really am.

I cleaned up again,

My prayers like water,

My good deeds the soap,

My self encouragement a washcloth

And there's that damn light again,

Showing me

Yet another sullied part of me

That I was never told not to miss

Kissing goodbye and hope

Of this nightmare being over.

When is it over?

When will it end!?

When will I finally

Be in the limelight

Where I can find friends

Like me

That hear me

See me

Know me

Want me

Share my ups and downs

Instead of these sounds

Like a reverse echo

Haunting me every dream.

I could SCREAM at all the times

These mirages of sound

Called me

Beckoned me

While I stayed barred from my future...


Just me.

Only me. Alone.

I can change my world.

And I know I'm ready.

But I'm blocked by my inner demons.

surreal poetry
Amargeaux Rai
Amargeaux Rai
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