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by Raven Diamond 2 months ago in surreal poetry

A Short Poem

Ideas are steam; developing dreams

Procrastination stares; writer's block dares

Sparkling spirits; darkening demons

Packages of powers; secrets to be devoured

Questions are asked; answers never truly given

When will the story finally end; yet began?

When doors close and portals

Open because every story is a new adventure

Eyes are the characters; ears are the words

Smiles are emotions and tears become the end only to begin yet again.

Backstory: Writer’s block loves to mess with me and somehow ends up becoming my muse almost every time. I couldn’t figure out what to write and everyone kept throwing out ideas to help me; which helped them because they figured out prompts to write for class. Since they ended up using me as a sound board and using their own prompts I got stuck with a blank page. I finally figured I would use just portions of each idea and this poem emerged.

surreal poetry

Raven Diamond

I am an actor, published author,sketchbook library artist, model, award nominated singer/songwriter, IT specialist, entrepreneur, wife and mother.

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Raven Diamond
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