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Reaching Back "Home"

by Monique Will about a month ago in social commentary

Hoping my forefathers and foremothers reach back out to me.

Reaching Back "Home"
Photo by Mohamed Lammah on Unsplash

How can "home" mean so much to me when I’ve never truly known it

Family: broken, battered, and blended

How can I truly own it?

Gathered around the elders to hear the tales that bond us together

Longing for belonging, I often dream of being wrapped in the warm arms of



Clothed in the hand-dyed and hand-woven garments of my artisan ancestors

Smelling the pleasing aroma of spices and smoke in the air

My body and soul being fed from the same soil my fathers toiled

What a heavy burden it is to hold something so close to your heart, but so far out of your reach

So, although I know what “home” means to me, I’ve never truly known it

But everyday I sow seeds in hopes that one day I will be shown it

social commentary

Monique Will

Family over everything. Natural hair enthusiast. Writer. Lover of love.

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Monique Will
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