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Random Rhymes #3

by Klyde Khalil Walker 4 years ago in surreal poetry

Random rhymes that pop up in my head, but part 3.

Live life and love deeper,

I try with mankind to go seek her.

Love her like a brother, hold her like a mother,

Lay her down late at night and f*** her.

I am not talking about the surprise

Or the demise of being another,

But the prize up for size

is a newer, older queen mother.

Earth is deep in shit

cause we all quit

ten years ago.

But at least

all the deceased

can listen to

crimson life's falsetto.

Morality inbred

cursed the fowl while I'm dead

leaving the little purebred

to deal with the foul instead.

Meaning of rigor mortis

fornicating with the corpses

for a newer mourning chorus

praying for a bigger vortex:


Like a new older something.

Praising to hold on to something.

Even though the dead are touching.

It is disgusting.

Listen up:

Repeat after me -

holy do, holy see.

Monkey comparing the stars all to he,

he, demented with new A.B.C's.

Skied down a slope,

sucker punched an alternate pope,

sucker punched angels in the throat.

Repeat after me:

O' say can you see what I wrote?

Red, white, and, blue,

and poverty renewed

to bless my strengths

in process of what's due.

Boyfriends with green eyes

who'd rather not baptize

with soda pop fizzing

catch harmony's flu.

Super bowl,

smoke a bowl,

I'm depressed

in my own sinkhole.

Time to roll,

know your role:

I'm impressed

that you're running until I stroll.

Super bowl,

field goal,

ordinary green?

My hands are darker

than the sun

when it realized it was sixteen.

Sticky, sticky,

icky Vicky,

childhood and me had a quickie.

The bathroom stall

loved the Pall Malls,

the smoke installed

really liked our hickeys.


hopped out of the restroom

just before halftime

and now there's so much to consume

but you're depressed and so am I.

surreal poetry

Klyde Khalil Walker

I am an author/freelance writer out of western Massachusetts that enjoys writing poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. Hope you enjoy my work! :)

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Klyde Khalil Walker
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