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rainbow brigade

by Rebeka Nguyen 2 years ago in heartbreak
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thank you, friends.

the image above is my preferred formatting for the poem below

he said

boring is beautiful

and so

she muted herself

she left her skin blank

she chopped the red

she embraced the shame of who she was and let it swallow her whole

because that's what he wanted

because she wanted to be loved

and he'd never do it again if she was his perfect doll

no one knew

until she broke

until she'd tremble into tears upon seeing what could have been his white car

until the rainbow brigade showed her how to love herself

and now

she has a dragon

she added purple

then green

then blue

then red

she blends orange to yellow

just because she can

and she is thankful the rainbow brigade everyday for leading the way out of her closet prison

and for showing her

that love is vibrant when it is true

especially when it is for herself


About the author

Rebeka Nguyen

asian american millennial full of existential angst

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