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Inspired by the Words of Wesley Chan


There are days where I sit and think

Pondering where I could be

If only I had done this right

What if I hadn’t had that fight

These thoughts eat away at me

But lately I’ve been trying to see

That maybe I am not alone

My mind is mine but I’m fighting to keep it that way because right now it’s hard to say that I’m okay when I know that I’m not.

These voices in my head are loud.

This isn’t working out, and I’m starting to doubt

If I’ll ever get out

I’m not okay

And that’s okay

These voices are not my own

And I’m falling, but I’m not alone

I can feel it

The rain

Each drop

Falling to the ground

No cares


That’s the great thing about them

They aren’t afraid to fall

They aren’t afraid to hit rock bottom

You want to know why?

It’s because they aren’t alone

They are never alone

And neither are you

Ink Equus
Ink Equus
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