Quiet Tear

by Halie Steider 2 years ago in sad poetry

Poem From the Past

Quiet Tear

A tear drop falls to the ground

Quietly and softly without a sound

Slowly the tears start to come

Shimmering in the light of the evening sun

Faster and faster they begin to fall

Pouring down my face with no question at all

How'd I make it this far I ask

With no answer, the pain continues to last

Painful hurt deep down inside

No one can answer the question "why?"

I've worked so hard to make it here

And all I have to prove is this quiet tear

Liquid pain fills up my eyes

And then I just want to lay down and die

I can't do that for one simple fact

Because I know it won't answer the question I ask

I must stay strong for the ones who love me

And that's the way it forever be

sad poetry
Halie Steider
Halie Steider
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Halie Steider

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