by Halie Steider about a year ago in sad poetry

For My Father


Do you love me? Do you care? Does it matter what's on my mind? Will you be here when I'm gone? Who am I? Why am I? I don't understand. Tell me, explain, because it makes no sense! What is my point? Why am I here? Do I mean anything? You say I'm beautiful, is that the truth? Inside I'm so lonely and scared, depressed and angry, sad and miserable. WHY!? I don't get it! I want to be happy but why aren't I!? Tears roll down my cheeks as I try to figure this out! You leave and come back. What is your problem? I've done all I can and you still don't love me! You say you do but I know you don't. What did I do to you? How is it my fault? I just want to be loved by you. Is that too much to ask? Guess so.

sad poetry
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Halie Steider

I'm human. I'm a mom and wife. My stories have molded me into who I am today. Writing gives me my outlet I can't express verbally. 

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