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Putting Everyone In A Good Mood

Let's Do This!

By Ruth Elizabeth StiffPublished about a month ago 1 min read
"Be so happy that when others look at you they become happy too"

I think

that this is something

that we would all like to do.

When we smile at someone,

even a complete stranger,

they usually smile back.


it is not easy

keeping that smile

on our faces

all of the time.

The late Queen Elizabeth II once said:

“I simply ache from smiling”,

but her smile was always there.

It gives us a good feeling too,

when we see others cheerful.

We are always trying

to make our children happy,

keeping them smiling and content.

Why are we as adults any different?

And sometimes,

smiling can just get us

through that difficult time.

Being Happy

can also Strengthen

our relationships,

putting everyone

in a good mood.


Mental HealthinspirationalGratitude

About the Creator

Ruth Elizabeth Stiff

I love all things Earthy and Self-Help

History is one of my favourite subjects and I love to write short fiction

Research is so interesting for me too

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  • Bewabout a month ago

    Amazing congratulations, can you read mine also?

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