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by Joanna Ariel Jubitana about a year ago in art
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By: Joanna Ariel Jubitana


An umbrella term that represents its many shades,

Even the parts of itself that somehow tend to fade.

Encompassing a spectrum of its brilliance to every drop of its darkness,

Lavender to violet,

Every hue in its fullness and sharpness.

A depiction of the many shades of my every mood,

A prettier way of explaining parts of me that are uncommonly viewed.

“What makes me unique?”

My Gemini Moon,

Like purple or each timbre of a tune.

An “illness,” quote quote, that has taught me to honor my needs,

Rather a complex personality that demands a lot of nurture to proceed.


A mixture of red and blue,

Together, a fusion of the colorful person I’ve grown into.


Calm, serene, and highly intuitive,

A sterling recipe for a creation so lucrative.


Passionate, sexual, and deeply creative,

A powerful drive that can be a dearly invasive.

Even so, a beauty,

A masterpiece so picturesque.


A color,

A symbol whose tone makes me look my best.

By: Joanna Ariel Jubitana

(Happy Mental Health Awareness Month!)


About the author

Joanna Ariel Jubitana

I am Joanna Jubitana, the founder of Jubitana’s Apothecary & Holistic Creations™️ and Jubi Tarot. I am a dedicated tarot reader, spiritual medium, and an enthusiast for astrology, holistic wellness, all arts & divination.

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