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Purity & Fear

by Jeff Carter 7 months ago in art

Homage to a Humument pt 3/3

Purity & Fear
Photo by Stefano Pollio on Unsplash

I do not listen

I hear only

I see you, touch you,

I have fear.

At night I become excited

nights are impure

polish them.


Perhaps one day

otherwise this purity

it leaves no trace.

Leave me.

You will not find me.

Disclaimer: This poem is a "creation by destruction" or, particularly, redaction. Inspired by the work of Tom Phillips this set of 3 poems were created using discarded loose pages of damaged and discarded library novels. Between 60-80% of the original text was redacted to create a new poem. Original sources are unknown.


Jeff Carter

I enjoy writing short stories in magic realism, horror, and the bizarre. I have ambitions to write a novel.

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Jeff Carter
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