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Pumpkin Spice

by Emily Crawford 2 months ago in social commentary · updated 2 months ago
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An Ode to Forbearance

Autumn utters her waking whispers,

As red cheeked apples grace the breeze;

With the heady scent of sun ripe promise,

From bended boughs of laden trees.

Here golden rod and purple aster,

Shift the spectrum of the scene;

From the pastel blush of garden grandeur,

To the compliment of Halloween.

But I will not embrace her fully,

Till green leaves transmute to shades of red;

And cicadas cease their dog-day droning,

To send their offspring down to bed.

No! I say to the sweet compulsion,

To cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and clove;

Be patient and await your season,

Of sweaters, blankets, hearth and stove.

social commentary

About the author

Emily Crawford

Emily is a New York native who has worked in various fields ranging from construction and manufacturing to end-of-life care. Having raised a family for the past two decades, she is eager to pursue her own passions once again as a writer.

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