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by Shayde 2 months ago in surreal poetry
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Atmosphere Short Scene set in a Cold Winter’s Night

He raised his view up to the night sky, the stars and moon gazing expectantly down upon him. The crisp, chill air was filled with the silence of the night, save for a distant whisper of wind. The only hint of life in the bitter stillness came from his breath, creating faint ghosts of life that vanished as they rose up into the darkness. It was then that his voice began to accompany the silence of the night. He thought the words and all that they implied before offering them to the world. Alone on a windswept plain, he made a promise, not to himself but to his bright and distant observers far above. His words were heard by none but the night, yet it was a vow more sacred than any made to men. The voice lacked volume, yet the conviction it carried was eternal. The land accepted the words as they were carried across the frost-bitten grass, never to be heard again. Silence once again took hold of the night, the man in harmony with the Earth’s desires, his purpose fulfilled.


surreal poetry

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