Problem Fixer

Mixer of Ideas

Problem Fixer

I consider myself a problem fixer

A mixer of ideas and action

Chemicals and compassion

Love and space

Ready to face what you consider to be wrong or unbalanced

And I say stay steady in this place of discomfort

avoidance is the quickest way to increase your difficulty

Start to release all of your prejudice and fears around the situation

The combination of tools I have accumulated has helped me before and hopefully it will open the door you wish to walk through

So life can seem brilliantly new, removing a small shade of blue

which helps you love to do what you do

But while some come for help, others come to stew, to continue to brew their darkness.

So true are my feelings inside to help that I join others on their ride of misery

Hard to abide while others sincerely complain but I see them refrain from all offerings of help

You seem to love this thing you hate

Are you afraid you can't remove yourself from this fate?

Your prison has risen up but you have helped to preserve it, polished and cleaned it like a trophy you won, but instead of celebrating you cry for what you have done.

I know the toughness you face

I too was once in a place where no words would help me

And all I could do was sulk and remain, so full of shame that rewired my brain and I perspired negativity

I didnt wish to but it was all I felt

Hoping this reality would slowly melt away

This problem ached my being, life lost all meaning and I couldn't stop seeing darkness in the gleaming light

But along my path I received hope

A powerful rope pulled me up from my pit for a moment and I could clearly sit in my mind, and eventually find a way to navigate lifes maze

And I repeat the phrase which helped remove the daze from my head

You can't fix everything

You but you can still love

Nicholas Goodman
Nicholas Goodman
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Nicholas Goodman

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