(Grasp Humility)


Pride is something

I'm aware i should lose

Often times

it only leaves me even more than confused

In the end,

it only makes me even more of a fool

Pointing out others flaws

When my own needs to be subdued

Who on earth

am I to say that I'm better

Humility is hard to grasp

Wielding this prideful gesture

Again, I've never in my life

Met a perfect person

And race deserves no fucken place

Among ones tongue for certain

It's difficult to not make this

all about "I"

A selfish trait

Tainting my own soul with lies

Because it's never about self

What a devilish tool

When we're willing to shoot first

And ask questions later, true?

Yes, we all are too full of ourselves to admit it

Because the truth hurts

And no one wants the truth

To make a red carpet entrance

But we'll hide behind the pride

And look down on our brothers

Pick and choose who deserves what

Never uplifting each other

What a joke?

I'm ashamed to even say that I'm human

Boasting about my merits

Who do i think that I'm fooling

God send your convicting spirit

down upon me

Remove this evil intent

That I'm carelessly flaunting

You brought me out of the gutter, literally

Not metaphorically speaking

And completely

Disregarded your teachings

I can't rely on the excuse

That "Only God Can Judge Me"

What a foolish approach

It's like saying

I'm incapable to do my own correcting

Im thanking you entirely

For your abundant wisdom

Telling me to lose my pride

So i could listen

I've got some corrections to make

Within my own life

I've realized the wrongs I've done

Can't be made to seem right

What a way to deceive

The entire populace

So many embrace hatred

Life unscrupulous

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Kenneth Davis
Kenneth Davis
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