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Pray to You

by Ecarg Nosive 3 years ago in inspirational

I always do.

When I pray

I pray to you, Daddy

No god in the sky can make me happy

I pray for your guidance

When my day has me beat

I think of your smile

When mine shows for the little things

When I pray

I pray to you, Daddy

When I feel like

I'm doing things badly

I know you're right there beside me

Saying something wacky

Anything to get me to smirk

You always had me

When I pray

I pray to you, Daddy

You showed me how to love

And all that is sappy

I hope one day I can hold one's heart

And carry it delicately

The way you carried my Mom's,

So finely

When I pray

I pray to you, Daddy

In all things work related

You did it classy

One day I will be as savvy

Let go of my anxiety because

Through my veins you breathe in me

When I pray

I pray to you, Daddy

When my friends are troubled, and not chatty

I know how you went out of your way gladly

To do what was best for all your laddies

When I pray

I pray to you, Daddy

That i'll have a child just as bratty

One that seems always crabby

I'll have your patience

For you were never nasty

When I pray

I pray to you, Daddy

I want my siblings

To be happy to have me

Just as your sister is up with you, laughing

Oh, and tell Granddad

I said hi please

When I pray

Daddy, I pray to you

Although departed

Everyone who loves you sees you through

Simple things like the number 7

We all hope you made your own heaven

...You'll Never Walk Alone

And Guinness's drunken pose

You're always our strength in that pure moment

You touched so many more lives than ours

I'm sorry you had no control

Over when you had to leave our arms

Just know,

You're still our home.

We'll never be alone,

because of you.

We all still love you,


We miss you,

we really do.

But we know you hear us when we,

Pray to You.


Ecarg Nosive

I'm a 25 year old writer from Ohio trying to make my passion, my career. Besides writing I enjoy animals, nature, and concerts.

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