Power of Penmanship

by Monique Star about a year ago in slam poetry

How writing can release many voices

Power of Penmanship

Everyone is born with a voice.

Some escape through the mouth with ease

Without a need for serpentine and struggle.

Others have voices shoved back to the heart

By either a road block at the mouth

Or a collision by adversity.

Everyone struggles to speak,

But the alternative ways are universal.

When you put your heart on a paper,

No matter the source,

The story can pull eyes to the the lead-marked bark.

You don't always see the who,

But the what can be found and felt.

What are the experiences?

What goes through the mind?

What are the dreams?

What are the messages?

When can our differences be uncurtained?

When the stars in the readers' eyes align,

Who we are can be hinted or told

Within our pages of words

And they'd already have an impression of our work

Before they can judge a book's cover with bigotry

And invite more desired stories to be spread like jam.

slam poetry
Monique Star
Monique Star
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Monique Star

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