Poetry of a Young Adult

A Poem

Poetry of a Young Adult

Sunday Mourning

There once was a riot

So brave they even tried it

A protest becomes a brawl

They were bound to fall

The commotion caused confusion

It could have been an illusion

But it wasn't

Mothers mourned their lost sons and daughters

Just as much agony is felt by the fathers

Brothers and sisters express their heartbreak

A true emotion one can't fake

There once was a riot

So brave they ever tried it


This Week and the Next

Today I am cooped up

Tomorrow I will be confined

The next day I will be enveloped

The day after that I will be consumed

One day I will be free

I'll be anything I want to be

One day I will fight back

I assure you that's a fact

One day I won't be consumed

I'll be revived


A Future Perspective

Some see a bleak future

A horrid place and time

They see a gloomy world

Living with somber hearts

Some see a joyous future

A glorious time and place

They see a cheerful world

Living with peaceful hearts

Some see a future

A time and place

They see a world

Living with their hearts



They were disoriented; hidden in an invisible place.

He held her small hand as it shook.

She had strayed from the path, he thought back.

They disappeared in the trees.

The light was nearly gone now; they wandered aimlessly.

They found themselves in the sights of an imp.

It scampered close, he grabbed her hand.

The two barrel away; the imp followed suit.

There was a snap and the two young ones spill down an incline.

Near the bottom they see a small hiding place; they scurry into it.

The sound of crunching twigs getting closer brings back their situation.

He holds her close, trying to keep her quiet.

The crunching is louder; there's no where to run anymore.

They are captives.


This is only the beginning.

There is more to come.

Enjoy the wait.

It'll be fun.

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