Poetry for Blacks

Black Healing and Cultural Awareness

Poetry for Blacks


Serial killers killing niggers nothing wrong with this picture.

Picture niggers hanging

Fetish for

The criminal enigma

I call them white skin.

I am Brown Skin

They kall me black

The night is black

My skin is Earth

They tell me I am dirt

I am the wood

I am the pine

My black skin soaks up the sun like photosynthesis

I am invincible

Black is Beautiful


White is prettier

Salt in the wound of time

Quatrains revolve around my mind

Follow me

Rabbit hole dance.

I come back from Hell

Heaven is strange.

This is society

I am the messenger

Kill me deadly softly

Soft serve


Spiritual Medicine

Medicine Man

Let me in

Bless it Fix it

Symptoms are toxic


Symptoms slither

Inside Eves ear

Adam hears

-Garlic Powder

Hustle everyday

Pay bills

Get paid

Make love

Rock and roll

Spread peace

Roll up

Smoke up

Get high

Don't act up when police roll up

Wait for the virtue of patience to pay off

Take the pay day,

Hustle again the next day

No time for rest days

Tomorrow is chest day

Next day leg day


I hurry and scurry for words

Breathing honestly hurts

Demons around me

Ocean enchanting

Ocean enchants me

Ocean implodes in my body

I feel weightless

A new dimension in my mind

Chakras exploding like

Tulips in Rifles

Nike on my kicks

Glock in my pants

Demons around me

Demons around me

Demons around me


Deadly enigma Krishna captured me senseless.

Again and again I imagined the mistress of Hedonism kissing me

Again and again

I woke from the ocean floor dream

Cold feet for Karma



Kill me

-Season All-

Sell me into slavery

A modern Prometheus


An angel of God



Ying Yang

Young Blood

Blood Crip Warfare

Incense burns in welfare homes

Where's reparations for the descendants of African slaves?

Who will collect Trayvon Martin's paycheck?

Pay day for the dark skinned beckoning to be neck broken by white mans tight noose

Afro catches dirt

But not cancer

Gang Banging Student Athlete Scholarships

None available for black skin

Loose red lipstick Caucasian female lips suck

Black john does dick

Jane doe cums quick

Black man

We win

Black skin


Sweet to the touch

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