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Poem #1

It is my place of safety.

My home away from home.

When it surrounds me, I feel the calm tenderness.

Warmth radiates from it and out of me.

They meet in a union of serenity.

A union of safety.

It is a surrounding security that holds tight.

Strength holds us together.

Silent, calm, warm, tender, and home.

Nothing could ever replace it.

Silence is perfect for it doesn’t have to say anything.

Nothing is needed except the connection.

It builds stronger each time the connection is made.

It is my home.

Poem #2

Tea, tea, tea

It is so good.

Tea, tea, tea

How much can you drink.

Tea, tea, tea

Dang, I need to pee.

Tea, tea, tea

I want more and more.

Tea, tea, tea

There is so much.

Tea, tea, tea

I need to pee again.

Tea, tea, tea

It is good for you.

Tea, tea, tea

So many different flavors.

Tea, tea, tea

I love tea.

Poem #3


Why are they comfortable with you?

Do you tell them the truth?

Do they believe what you say?

Is it the truth?

Do you want to know the truth?

Do you want to dig that deep?

Have you stopped to think of me?

Have you thought what your words mean?

Do you know how much weight your words have?

Do you respect me?

Do you respect yourself?

What do you value?

Do you value truth?

Do you value the fake popularity?

Does their attention make you feel good?

Do feel superior?

Do you feel smart?

Why do you tell them anything?

Why don’t you defend a friend?


Rachel Anderson
Rachel Anderson
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Rachel Anderson

You can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl. I like it that way. Love experiencing and being part of nature. Rest of the time I work in the kitchen making sweets for people to eat.

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