Poetic News: UFO Burning Like a Candle Over NYC (Video)

A strange, flaming UFO was filmed over NYC on 7/28/2019 and reported on by Poetic News

Oh, jittery camera

Trained upon the skies

Why are you so hard to handle?

It takes a lot of stamina

When right before your eyes

A UFOis burning like a candle

When you come upon a sight so rare

A steady hand is needed

That's why it's such a pity

This UFO was caught mid-air

By "Shaky_Guy"

In New York City

No matter what the quality

One thing is not disputed

This Flying Saucer mystery

Will take some time to be concluded

Still, we're glad we even had the chance

To see

And give this video a glimpse

Imagine it tuns out to be

One of the Goodyear Blimps!

What is it?

You decide...

fact or fiction
Reid Moore
Reid Moore
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